Monthly Archives: November 2015

The Good Samaritan

The greatest industry in the world is science. Throughout history scientific research  has consistently discovered more  new and strange  questions to which answers must be found than finding out actual answers in itself. It is  the  perfect industry. Because being as curious as we are we  would keep working & spending as much as we  can  and sometimes beyond to find answers that  matter. Self propogation to the utmost. You will never run out of jobs as scientists. There will always be something better than before to discover. Science almost has a life of its own.  Continuously evolving and changing and only shaped by our understanding of it.
The strange thing is, at  every age of discovery we come to the weird conclusion that we have discovered everything of substance and that there is nothing more to discover. And that’s when we get mind blown by something so totally radical and new. From time immemorial the  geocentric theory, splitting of the atom, relativity, quantum physics have all shown the same. And now we  are stuck in an abyss of non knowledge into which  we happily dive with dark matter and energy and probably many other things to find the perfect pearl of wisdom. On  a more random thought, the religion I follow has an interesting and important phrase. It  kind of paraphrases humanity’ ideal like an emeralds tablet did for the alchemists.  LOVE GOD.  Your God maybe science, Jesus , Krishna, Allah or Alchemy. The name probably don’t matter.
The second and  more importantly today, LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOUR. Now who is your neighbor. Not  a better story exists than the story of the good samaritan. I hope terrorism is erased. But hopes are not reality and we fight daily for a better peaceful future.  Exciting times ahead as ever.