Monthly Archives: October 2015

Social Networking gave me a job

Disconnecting people seems to be a worrisome word compared to the well known logo of  NOKIA. If  the nightmare  were to come true, that’s what I would  do.
In the  occasional meme that we  come  across we  see a future family, where  the  mom threatens to  destroy her kids’ online  universe if she  doesn’t do her homework first.. A ideal future with  strong social  links founded on  a virtual universe. Everyone is  online that it’s not  such  a big deal  and  hopefully everyone is sane enough to  have  a bit  of an  exercise and experience other ways to  have  fun than just a  stark virtual reality.
But what if  that doesn’t happen. We  on  the  other hand are  dealt  a bunch of  adults hooked to  an  online world neglecting social and  financial responsibility. It may  happen. It  maybe happening. There are many unhappy stories of spouses leaving because of the strains of  such  relationships. Using social networks in  a healthy balance could  be  a key, but such  a balance is not  inborn, and  neither is it taught. Especially as the online world becomes increasingly real, the damage caused to  society is subtle, thanks to the inability to  differentiate.
So now coming to new job opportunities in such dysfunctional societies. Apart from the obvious group therapies & activities I’m  envisioning a burgeoning industry in looking after kids.  Not tiny little ones. But in the toddler to young adult stage. But isn’t this concept already existent. Well you just need to  brand it, label it anew and sell it ( in the  social media).
Hopefully it won’t be  just that ridiculous. Every generation and young people grow up in  a different environment. It  would be  interesting to  see how  a school could be  built around these concepts. Weird social issues as and when they crop up can be solved by a different sets of means than the traditional carrot or stick.
Well I’m still thinking. Let’s see how things go